The World That Hates

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    Once humans figured out travel between solar systems, it was only a matter of time before they found new and strange life.

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    Realizing that without their own colonies their range would be limited, and eager for their own slice of the pie. While the heat and harsh sunlight was bothersome and impeded use of thicker armor, it was still firmly in the liveable range for humans.

    Then came the rumblings in the ground, after that, the sound of shuffling in the trees around them, but they did not see anything, not until it was too late. A herd of dinosaur-like quadrupeds, covered in armored plates from head to toes and sporting a single large horn and a powerful bony club at the end of their tails surrounded the encampment, for a long fogyás ao3 they just stared, as if waiting for something or waiting for a message to set in.

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    A warning shot upwards was all it took, the beasts all charged at once, as if that had triggered some sort of instinctual rage, they trampled the colonizers and charged their whole truck-sized bodies into the ships. Some alien scientists had hypothesized already that the titanium-rich soil had caused the local flora to incorporate it into its body, and that made it accessible to animals which mineralized their bones with titanium instead of the calcium humans were familiar with, making their skeletons stronger and able to support kaki zsírégető bodies with more muscle.

    Some humans fled into the forest, fogyás ao3 lost and confused they quickly fell victim to ambush hunters hidden in the trees and even more to bloodsucking parasites over the fogyás ao3 of just a few days.

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    A few records of that mission reached the main human vessel that had sent them, and, stubborn as they were, they did not give up quickly on colonizing Artemis. They tried clearing out areas from above, but found that the foliage was too thick for aicraft to destroy it and too dense to hover close to the surface, the humid air made it incredibly difficult fogyás ao3 fire to spread.

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    Bombings hardly made an impact and a myriad of local diseases soon started to afflict any who attempted to estabilish colonies on the ground. They could attempt to nuke it from orbit but why? Out of spite?

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    The truth was that this planet was truly a bounty of both mineral, organic and water resources, and in the middle of many interstellar societies, life there had come under pressure from dozens of colonization attempts and szuper karcsúsító gyógynövény evolved to resist it.